About the Off the Lip Series

Off the Lip 2020 is the 5th Off The Lip research event organized by research fellows from CogNovo, an interdisciplinary doctoral training program. CogNovo brought together 25 research fellows (alongside principal investigators and industry partners) from a variety of disciplines. It aimed to develop a novel approach to interdisciplinary research training and to motivate much-needed insights into processes of creativity and Cognitive Innovation. To date, the project has generated several high impact publications, long-lasting collaborations, original approaches to formulating research questions, and novel methodologies. We invite you to read last years publication at https://cognovo.eu/news/avant.php or brows previous Off the Lip event pages.

Off the Lip 2015

Workshop and Conference on Transdisciplinary Approaches to Cognitive Innovation


Off the Lip 2016

Manufactory and Bizarre Bazaar: Workshops and Interactive Sessions on Applications of Cognitive Innovation


Off the Lip 2017

CogNovo Colloquium on Experiences and Applications of Cognitive Innovation


Off the Lip 2018

Crossing the Void: Exploring Interdisciplinary Impact